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Custom Neon Sign / Get Your Own Sign

Our neon signs are a perfect addition to your parties, be it a birthday, wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, engagement party, privet event, corporate, or much more light up the floor and rock with the glittering lights. A perfect backdrop for your guests to take pictures and enjoy the evening! 

All of our signs can be made to your exact design, size, and color specs, and all of our signs are hand checked before they reach you to ensure they meet our very high standards.

*Order 30 working days before the event.

Sweet 16 neon sign party rentals .webp
Neon Sign Custom Design.jpg
custom neon sign.jpg
custom neon sign designs.png
"Girl or Boy" Gender Reveal Baby Shower Neon Sign.webp
Neon sign rentals, SoFlo neon sign rentals

Neon Sign Rental

Now we do rental beautiful neon signs for a wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, marriage proposal, birthday, and baby shower events. Choose a neon sign for your backdrop to have a more unique design and personalize your event. We love to offer a neon sign to make a background more personal, unique, and custom to your event!

We do custom neon signs by your request.

"Let's Party"     "Happy Birthday"     "Til Death DO US Party"

"All You Need is Love"       "Bride to Be"     "Oh Baby"      "SoFlo" 

Let's Party neon sign rentals.jpg
Oh Baby! floral sign.jpg
Gold shimmer backdrop, organic balloon arch. neon sign, marquee numbers.jpg
til dath do us party neon sign party bac
Oh Baby neon sign blush & gold.jpg
Bride to be neon sign rental.jpg
All you need it's LOVE neon sign rentals
White Feather Wall With Pampas Grass. Feather Wall Rentals
Black Feather Backdrop. Black feathers, Black feather Wall Party rentals
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White Feather Backdrop, Party Backdrop rentals, Feather Wall rentals
White backdrop with silver balloons and nion sign rentals
White Backdrop With Pink Balloon Arch, Pink Pampas Grass, and Flowers Arangement
White Party Decoration, White balloon arch, white Backdrop, Custom Sign
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Oh Baby! Floral sign
Let’s Get Wild, Safari Themed Grass Backdrop
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love marquee letters with lights rental
Mosaic Balloon Numbers! Giant mosaic balloon letters & numbers rentals
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Gold Shimmer Backdrop, Organic Balloon Arch. Neon Sign, Marquee Numbers
Gold shimmer wall with gold balloon garland, pampas grass, neon sign rentals
Gold shimmer wall, balloon arch with red fresh flowers
Shimmer Sequins Air Active Backdrop
Giant Balloon Heart Design, Anniversary Party Decoration, Oversize Balloon Heart Sculpture, Party Ba
White backdrop, Royal blue and silver balloon arch, Custom sign
Butterfly theme first birthday decoration; white circle wall with custom sign, pastel organic balloo
Organic balloon wall, Baby Shark theme 2
Gold and Blush Balloon Wall, Balloon Wall With Flowers
Big 3D  Mosaic custom letters and numbers
Gender reveal circle backdrop with neon
Round Shape Organic Balloon Garland  (45
Brown Goldish Balloon Wall and Balloon Garland, surprise party balloon decoration
Big Happy Birthday Balloon Display
Silver Shimmer Backdrop, Elegant Shimmer Wall With Balloons
Silver or gold shimmer backdrop with organic balloon garland, Glamour party backdrop rentals
Cake table backdrop and decoration
Mosaic custom balloon letters
Giant Floral Letter, Custom floral letters
Shimmer Sequin Wall
Boxwood & Organic balloon garland
Rose gold  balloons room decoration
White circle backdrop, cake pedestals, a
White Round Backdrop, Cake Pedestal
Rose Gold Organic Balloon Arch, confetti
EPIC Style Balloon Wall, silver & magenta balloon wall installation
Back & Hot Pink Balloon Wall, Party decoration, Balloon wall, Up-lights, Helium floating balloons, G
Bride To Be Big Rose Gold Balloon Letters, Bridal Shower Party Decoration
Giant Balloon Name
Gold shimmer backdrop, organic balloon arch. neon sign, marquee numbers.jpg

Backdrops / Marquee Numbers & Letters / Neon Signs

Flowers and balloons are some of the important elements that make up any party. These unique backdrops and 3D letter blossoms can enhance the mood and help establish the atmosphere. In order to make any party successful, you need to come up with a fantastic design that will complement the mood. You can either do it yourself DIY or you can enlist the help of our professional designers. Our professional florists are considered experts on the art of greenery backdrop and customize 3D big mosaic letters beautifully. By seeking your professional designer’s help, you can make good use of his creative expertise. In addition, collaborating with them will help your budget because you will be able to meet your goals without wasting any money in the process. By doing this, you can bring out the best in your party and host a wonderful event.


Let us ignite your party in a way, that neither you nor your guests shall forget how those senses were tantalized. Let's talk.

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