Service Terms


Payment: Payment is to be rendered in cash, check, and money order. 

For credit card payment, 4% convenience fee will be applied.

Check payable to DreamARK Events Productions, Inc   

Address: 4545 NW 9th Ave. Oakland Park, FL 33309


A. For purchases under $500

The deadline to modify or cancel and order is 8 am, Eastern Time, two days before delivery, and set up.

Orders canceled or changed after this deadline will not be refunded.

B. For purchases over $500

For a full refund, the deadline to submit your request is 8 am, Eastern Time, 10 days before delivery.

Requests received after this deadline are subject to a cancellation charge 10% of the order value.

Decor orders are non-refundable within 48 hours of the scheduled date.


Please send your request by email to and leave a phone message at (954) 990-4519. Please consider your order canceled or changed only when you have received a confirmation by email.


Permit fees, expediting fees, drawing fees or any other expenses incurred by DREAMARK EVENTS, must be paid in full regardless of the event outcome.

Generators and Air condition systems have hour meters; all events have a runtime charge listed on the invoice, any overages are charged at $75.00 per h. per unit.

Late payments from customers on pre-approved credit terms will be subject to 3% per month late payment fee based on the invoice total. The late fee will be automatically added to the invoice and sent to the client.

It is client responsibility to carry replacement cost insurance for any equipment that has been rented by the client away from DREAMARK EVENTS property.


Weather & Atmospheric Conditions: Clients understand that some decor items may be affected by temperature and humidity and that DreamARK Events cannot be held responsible for the décor in an uncontrolled climate, such as rain or extreme heat and/or unforeseen acts of nature. In that case, DreamARK Events has the option of making changes to the décor in the best interest of the Client. We never guarantee perfect results with balloon decor outdoors. However, we further state that we will do everything in our power to make sure the decor will hold up by using the best quality of balloons. 

In the event that weather or other unforeseen act of nature prevents DreamARK Events from decorating Client’s event, the decoration booking fee can be applied to another day/event within 12 calendar months from the original date of the event, subject to DreamARK Events availability. No refunds will be given. 


DreamARK Events is not liable for actions by others or weather conditions beyond DreamARK Events control. In that case, DreamARK Events retains the right to abort the project at any time should we believe that to continue may damage the reputation of the Client and/or DreamARK Events and/or cause a safety hazard. 


All outdoor performances must be conducted in a safe manner, and there must be an indoor rain contingency plan. In the event of cancellation without such a contingency, the Client agrees to compensate DreamARK Events with the full booking fee.