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Price List


Gold or Silver Live Shimmer Backdrop 8'X8'

Live shimmer backdrop display for indoor and outdoor events


Silver or gold 8'X8' shimmer backdrop.

Feathers display additional charge  

7' White Circle Backdrop

Circle white backdrop, balloon garland, white pedestals


Circle white backdrop with 3 acrylic pedestals and balloon garland.

Greenery Wall Backdrop
And Organic Balloon Arch

Custom Party neon sign


8'X8' Greenery wall, full organic balloon arch, and neon sign (from our selections).

The sofa is available. Call for price.

Organic Boho Circle
Baby Shower Set


Boho Style Baby Shower Balloon Arrangement with Boho Display and Neon Sign "OH BABY"

Sweet Number Set
Live Shimmer Backdrop



Live shimmer backdrop, Organic balloon arch, Mosaic number, and Neon sign.

Spring Party
Butterfly Set

Drape stars backdrop.jpg
Dessert Station Backdrop.jpg


Organic balloon arch, Butterflies, Custom decal sign, Flower arrangement, and 2 Acrylic white pedestals.

Boho Set with Lighted Marque Number  

Gold shimmer backdrop, organic balloon arch. neon sign, marquee numbers.jpg


Organic balloon arch, Live shimmer wall, Boho elements, 1 Pedestal, and Neon sign. Call for marque number price.

Birthday Backdrop with Number

8'X8' Greenery wall, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" neon sign, Balloon number

8'X8' Greenery wall, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" neon sign, Balloon number display.


Glamour Backdrop
Photo Zone



Extreme elegant glamour backdrop.

Gold Circle, Balloons, and Fresh Flowers.

Perfect for any photoshoots.

Balloon Arches

Drive-Through Balloon Arch

Graduation Oversize Balloon Arch

15'X10' Extra large outdoor classic spiral balloon arch. Great for drive-through events.

Grand Opening Balloon Arch



Double door Spiral or rows CLASSIC balloon arch. 

Pearl Balloon Arch with Numbers

Balloon arch over a swimming pool!.jpg


Single balloon arch with any number.

Great for Birthday Parties Other Events!

Double Arch

double balloon arch


Single spiral arch $9’X9’ - $350.00 

Double arch - $600.00

L Shape Organic Balloon Arch

L Shape balloon arch.jpg

L Shape Organic Balloon Garland 9'X8'

 $50.00 for each column with a number


Organic Full Balloon Arch



Organic balloon arch 10'X10'. Great for 

Welcome Party, Grand Openings, Corporate and Private Events.

Balloon Columns

Organic Balloon Columns with Numbers

8'-9' tall organic balloon column with a number on tops


8'-9' tall organic balloon column with a number on tops. Price per each column.

Classic Balloon Column

Classic Balloon columns


8' Classic spiral balloon column with

a large balloon on the top. Price per column. Indoor and outdoor.

Firework Balloon Columns
set of 2



Very special balloon columns. 8' tall.

Private party and corporate events. Indoor and outdoor.

Unique Balloon Columns



8' Elegant balloon columns.

Price per column.

Great for any event. Indoor and outdoor.

Princess Balloon Columns with Feathers

White balloon columns with feathers


Exclusive balloon columns. Extremely elegant design with feathers.

Price per item. Indoors only

Mardi Gras 2 Balloon Columns



Mardi Gras-themed balloon columns.

Set of 2


White Carpet Runner



25'X4' Wedding White Carpet Runner

Rent with our decoration only.

Red Carpet Set

Red-carpet-runner 25'X3'.JPG


25'X3' Red carpet runner, 8 silver chrome stanchions, and 6 red velvet ropes.

3 White Acrylic Stands



3 White acrylic pedestals.

Great for desserts, cake, and other decorations.

Lighted Marquee Numbers 4'



4' Marquee number with lights

Price per number.

Lighted Marquee Letters 3'

lighted marquee and arch.jpg


3' Marquee letters with lights.

Price per letter.

Balloon Mosaic Letters 4'




4' Mosaic balloon marquee letters and numbers. Price per item.

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