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Special Occasion

If you do not see what you are looking for - just call or email us, and we will email you more examples to match your theme and ideas!

Lighting curtains party decoration
NYE Party decoration, Backdrop and balloons rentals
NYE Balloon drop, Neon balloons drop NYE
Feathers and flowers centerpiece
Wedding reception centerpieces decor, branches and flowers
Black shimmer backdrop party rentals
Shark theme bachelorette party backdrop decoration
Big Helium Balloons with tassels
New Years Eve Balloon Drop
Double shimmer backdrop, neon sign rentals
Pink Flowers Table Decoration
Elegant shimmer wall with balloons and tussles
Coral & Blush Flowers Centerpieces With Candles
Branches with flowers table centerpiece
Greenery Balloon Arch/Organic Balloon Garland/Green, Gold, White Balloon Arch
Balloon wall with neon strings
White backdrop with balloon designs and LED lights
Yellow, Pink, Pastel Flower Decoration
Yellow, Pink, Pastel Flower & Balloons Decoration
Bride to be backdrop with balloon garland
White Backdrop, Balloon garland, Flowers, and Neon Sign Rentals
Flower Table Runner, Pink & Blush Rose
Iridescent silver backdrop rentals
Marriage Proposal Decoration, Flower Arch, Pompas Grass, Will You Marry Me_
Large Balloons Pink Balloons
Gold shimmer backdrop, organic balloon arch. neon sign, marquee numbers
Holiday Event Decoration, Giant Balloon Centerpieces
Living Champagne Hedge Wall Rentals
Balloon Wall With Fresh Flowers
White Backdrop With Pink Balloon Arch & Flowers Design
Pampas Grass & Flowers Centerpieces, Flowers Design
Gold Shimmer Backdrop, Balloon Arch, Silver Pedestal,
Ceiling Decoration with Balloon Designs, Party Decoration
Wedding decoration, floating flowers, pool party decoration
Pool Balloon Arch, Pool Party Decoration, Floating Balloons
White Flowers Table Centerpiece
Wedding on a Yacht Decoration & entertainment
Graduation Party Decoration, Backdrop, Balloons Arch, Flowers, Confetti Balloons
Peach Elegant Flowers and Balloons Table DecorationDecoration
Floating Balloons in the Pool, Pool Party Decoration
Hanging Ceiling Balloons With Tassels, Balloon Wall Ceiling Decoration With Balloons
Bride To Be! Big Balloon Letters Banner
Vintage Theme Baby Shower Decoration
Brown Goldish Balloon Wall and Balloon Garland Party Decoration
Grand Opening Event/Backdrop/Custom Banner/Balloon Garland
Giant Balloons & Flowers Centerpieces / Event Backdrop Decoration
Silver Shimmer Backdrop, Balloon Columns, Photography Backdrop Party Decoration
Champagne Bottle With Bubbles Balloon Garland
Underwater bubble tunnel, Balloon Tunnel, Bubbles Balloons
Graduation class of 2023 balloon arch & balloon garland
Candy Theme Balloon Arch / Themed Balloon Arch / Kids Party Decoration
Boxwood Backdrop / Pastel Matte Balloon Arch
Cake Table Backdrop / Balloon Arch, Custom Neon Sign
Mosaic Letters and Numbers, 3D Balloon Letters
Mosaic Balloon Number, 3D Balloon Numbers
Confetti Balloons, Giant Balloons With Rose-gold Confetti
Burgundy Balloon Arch & Burgundy Floral Arrangement
Decorating A Corporate Event in Oscar Style
Ceiling Decoration With Helium Balloons/Floating Balloons/Helium Balloons
Pinks and Rose Gold Organic Balloon Arch
Pink and Black Balloon Decoration
Tropical Themed Balloon Centerpieces
Football Player Balloon Sculpture
Flamingo & Palm Tree Balloon Designs
Hawaii themed floral balloon designs
Balloons with tassels, Flower arrangements
Bridal Shower Party Decoration, Flowers and Balloons Table Decoration
Pool Party Backyard Decoration/Floating Balloons/Named Balloon Arch
Pool party Decoration/Giant Balloon letters/Red Carpet Event
Named Balloon Arch, Giant Balloon Letters
Balloon Columns, Giant Helium Balloons
Balloon Columns, Candy Theme Party Decoration
Alice in Wonderland Theme, Flamingo & Giant Balloons
At DreamARK Events, we specialize in themed decorations, be it indoor or outdoor décor with a specialty in balloon designs, balloon arches, balloon columns, balloon centerpieces, balloon wall, balloon drops, backdrop rentals, ceiling balloons, balloon characters, flower centerpieces, flower arrangements, table flower decoration, and balloon theme decorations. At DreamARK, we're all about making your parties extra special! We're your go-to pros for themed party decorations and custom designs.
We also have a very talented and creative Floral Design department with professional florists that can custom create elegant flower arrangements as well as any size centerpieces, flower wall, flower arch, and flower centerpieces for a birthday party, bridal shower, wedding shower, bachelorette and bachelor, baby shower, gender reveal party, anniversary, wedding proposal, wedding, baptism, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, sweet sixteen, quinceanera, prom, and all occasions.

Feel free to reach out to us by email or phone anytime you have questions or want to schedule an appointment at our conveniently located office in Fort Lauderdale. We'd love to meet with you in person to discuss all the details and availability for making your special occasion truly unforgettable through our decorations
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